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Welcome to Yellow Bakery.

We are an independent organic sourdough bakery based in Barcelona, Spain. Owner and head baker Paul Stoykovich, a professional chef turned to bread baking in 2008 after meeting and training with one of Australia’s accomplished pastry chef Lorraine Godsmark.

Paul’s passion for baking has taken him from Sydney, Australia where he worked at Bourke Street Bakery to San Francisco to study the art of sourdough.

Paul has made Barcelona his home, and Yellow Bakery – his dreams realised.


Everything we create within our business embodies our passion for timeless artisan practices and methods. Using premium, local and certified organic flour. 36 hour process, every loaf of bread is handcrafted in true artisan style. We use a traditional natural fermentation process to raise the dough instead of using common commercial yeast. This process involves using a ‘leaven’ that has travelled around the globe creating magic in our kitchens and pleasure to all who have tasted!

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Wholesale allows us to challenge ourselves, collaborate and build relationships. If you are interested in knowing more, sampling our product or becoming a Yellow wholesale customer please contact us here:

Yellow Bakery
  4 Biz LOC 1 Calle Regomir 08002 Barcelona

+34 (0) 646 148 647

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